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03 March 2010 @ 09:53 am
Sooo scary !  

it was so fucking scary... I mean, it was my first earthquake.. so
I was sleeping and suddenly I felt my bed was moving, so I remembered what my parents always tell me "if there's an earthquake, don't stay in your bed, go to the doorframe", so I went to the doorframe the fastest I could, and I found my sister (karinexe) in the doorframe of her bedroom, I looked at her and omg, we were so scared, everything was moving, I heard some glasses breaking and... idk, I can't really tell what I was thinking, in my family, in my friends... in like... everything !

And suddenly, when I thought we were going to die, that the house was going to fall apart... the calm came... and my dad yelled "KIDS, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?", so we replayed that yeah, we were all fine.

We started looking what got broken, and hopefully for us... just one glass of champagne. We were happy for that, I mean, we survived, the house and all the stuff, but we started to wonder how were our grandmas, one was in Viña del Mar in a 12th floor, and the other one was (at least) in Santiago, but in a 6th floor, so we tried to call them, but the phone was dead, no signal in our cellphones, so we were worried D: a couple of hours later, my grandma of Santiago called us and told us she was fine, and then my dad finally could connect via phone with my other grandma, and she was in shock, so my cousin went to Viña and brought her to our house and now she's living temporarily here...

But aaanyway, it was... so... scary, I don't like earthquakes (I mean, the little ones, so you can imagine how I was with this big one) D: but at least I'm fine, my family is fine, my friends are all alright, my boyfriend is fine too... So yeah... Yesterday I went with Karin to help doing bags with clothes, to donate for the ppl who doesn't have a home and lost everything (or almost everything), but humph... If you can help somehow, please do, because I know that even if I did ok in the earthquake, there were many families that didn't, so if we all can help a little, that would be great :) and yeah... btw I don't have internet, nor tv and phone

I bought KH 365/2 days, and i loooooove it, it feeds my inner fangirl (akuroku y/y♥) and... you will not believe were I went for my summer vacation :) well yeah.... I went to Japaan (hurray!) and China, it was amaaazing, in Japan EVERYONE was fashionable, and dfjhgdf;gjhfkj I will do another entry telling you guys how it was my little big trip

ilu ♥
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Sammie~☆: 仁 - 天狗の子sagaraice on March 3rd, 2010 01:28 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that you're alright!!

Pleasepleaseplease continue to take care!
tama ♔ flawless, still better than you: vocaloid ♣ missile chewbaccashotas on March 3rd, 2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
wow, you were one of the lucky ones
BUT i'm glad you're okay ;_;
i've only experienced three earthquakes (while awake) and hdshdksjd they are scary as shit
the biggest one i felt was like... 4.5?? i think
god i was freaking out and threatened to run outside aaaaahhh

california is supposed to have a big one soon they say so i'm pretty much on edge for the rest of my life sob