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『chiz ☆』
18 July 2008 @ 04:33 pm
July 19 - July 27

YAH D: i know I haven't been online because I've been out all this week, but yeah love make us do stupid stuff hahaha ♥♥
Soo... I'm going with my family to Costa Rica for 1 week, so uhm... I'm not sure if I'm going to have internet there, but anyway... I'll miss you and if something happens (you change journals, the world is going to end, super junior disbanded etc etc etc) please post something here 8D?
GOODBYE MY DARLINGS ♥ and sorry for being such a bad friend D:!
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『chiz ☆』
01 June 2008 @ 09:26 pm


thanks for your attetion. :)
a more inteligent entry later
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『chiz ☆』
17 May 2008 @ 07:32 pm
So we... we finally did it. We had our first performance and it was... damn awesome. EVERYONE was screaming when we got on stage in the U positions and then everyone went crazy, and everything passed so fast, the people were screaming for us, I saw a lot of people there cheering us, like Miya (our ex-leeteuk), she was with a poster saying "행복 in L.O.V.E" and it was so beautiful.

When U was finished, we went to the backstage and then... I started crying, because hell, I have been practicing since January and to finally dance in front of a lot of people... It was something really beautiful, I was having so much feelings in one momment. And then Eun started crying too, but we were the only two that cried when we finished U, if I recall.

Then we had to performance Haengbok, and we were absolutely negative about this dance, because some of the members didn't know their position or some steps so we decided to modify it a little, but we were all "it's going to be horrible, everyone is going to be quiet and yell bad stuff at us", but Jpop Chile (the assosation we are) told us "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright" and it was just oh so true! We performed and it was SO perfect, even if we had to change positions or little stuff in the last minute, it was something absolutely beautiful. I can't describe my words when I was in the stage and I heard people calling at me saying "EETEUK! EETEUK!" and I was so damn proud of myself, then we finished everything, and we went to the backstage again and then... We all started crying, we were so happy, it was something really... I can't describe it, but we were thankful to a lot of people. Thanks to Jpop Chile to made our 'dream' come true, to dance and actually enjoy it. Thanks everyone that went to see & cheer us, like Mishy (mishiru_shi), Asato (ametori), Blast (burasto) and a lot of people. And especially... thanks to Haengbok for making me so happy with something so simple, thanks to let me be your Eeteuk and... I'll be the best Eeteuk in Chile! 8D ♥

I'll post the videos later, when people upload them in youtube :D so you can see us dancing and aaah...
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